Medlay Hybrid Media Form Concept

Ubik Chap. 6 Validation by Prototype

Ubik Chap. 6 is the second proof of concept prototype designed following the principles of Medlay and it is based on the very first lines of chapter 6th of Ubik — a novel by Philp K. Dick:

We wanted to give you a shave like no other you ever had. We said, it’s about time a man’s face got a little loving. We said, with Ubik’s self-winding Swiss chromium never-ending blade, the days of scrape-scrape are over. So try Ubik. And be loved.

Warning: use only as directed. And with caution.

Ubik Chap. 6 is structured using HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS.

The source of the dynamic images used in this prototype is the Prelinger Archives.